About Us


The company in 1988 2 half has been established. Our company has the status of a limited company in 1992, together with an increase in equity. Both at home and abroad, the company is producing high quality materials to meet the needs of manufacturers and smoothly through the material and material lifts are manufactured.
Royal Elevator, who served 18 years in the industry, the quality of the organization and a proven brand in all over Turkey and the world. Our company has passed the ISO9001: 2000 and CE completed its work and the right to receive these documents by the end of 2006, as well as kazanmıştır.Bunun TSE Service Compliance Certificate, Ministry of Industry Certifications After Sales Service and Warranty Card has a Compliance Certificate.
Expert Staff with a high capacity built, reaching the established quality references Royal elevator, elevator breakdown maintenance, service, installation and engineering services, elevator preliminary projects, Scientific Inspection Reports, Elevator Business Permits, plans, projects and service elevator in the Annual Reports of the periodic control serves.
References proved the quality of the Royal Elevator Company, the work is taşımaktadır.Vermiş proud of the accomplishments of our company to fulfill commitments in a complete manner, which is always of high quality standards, followed by developing technology to its customers in order to provide the highest quality service, continuous self-renewal property of a company is.
Service operations, each with its own branch of technical personnel specialized engineers, technicians and experts in these matters elements oluşmaktadır.Öncelikle goal is customer satisfaction, our organization, and quality service to its customers in order to provide seamless, 7/24 hour work continues uninterrupted.
In our country, the Royal Elevator Elevator industry leading companies, research and development processes for the continuity of the young and dynamic professionals specialized in the areas they work in order to be more competent in matters of Industry and Trade, the rooms are sending training, all equipment and tools used in the operation is not to be behind the technology, the machine park amplifies a regular basis.
To make production in compliance with European Union Directives quality of documents that are required to be accompanied by investment in alınmaktadır.Kaliteye for the carriage of quality in every area, more efficiency, more returns from customer satisfaction.
As for customer ilşkilerine Royal Elevator Firm; customers by establishing clear and effective dialogue, mutual trust and support before and after oluşturmuştur.Satış innovative approach based on customer satisfaction, services and products in an economical and timely offer, proof of this concept.
After-sales services were in close contact with our customers from our customers suggestions, complaints about the units is recorded, the fault is transmitted as soon as possible the necessary maintenance and repair department intervention is provided.
Continuously improves the quality management systems of the Royal Elevator, primarily to increase the company's competitiveness and capabilities to be successful, increasing facilities aimed at improving the living conditions of the employees to adopt an approach based on mutual trust, understanding and collaboration tool oldu.Bu lies items. Allow the development of a healthy working environment sağladı.Oluşan the phenomenon of continuous improvement at the Royal grupsal a variety of healthy activities was initiated on the ground, employees were encouraged to participate.
"Continuous Improvement" and "Employee Engagement" adımlarıdır.Royal Management of the company for the performance of our journey to business excellence, is the most decisive factor in adopting the human element of the work of "the best, he knows who does the principle of" creative potential of employees in line with the principle of respect for the mobilization of hedeflendi.İnsana , Royal became the basis for the concept of business excellence.
Mechanical, Materials, Technology by equipment such as the fact that every business can be taken against the value of consciousness, the human element factor make the difference yöneltti.İnsan Royal Lift-oriented business excellence journey with intensive training programs and strengthening healthy communication within the organization expanded.