Elevator Maintenance and Objectives


Maintenance standards "by Care Staff, cleaning, lubrication, adjustment, inspection and testing is defined as". The purpose of the maintenance lifts, equipment performance, reliability, sağlamaktır.Ayrıca plant regularly and efficiently, to avoid the failure to execute at the highest level of safe keeping and to minimize operating losses must be applied to the maintenance amaçlarındandır.Bunun maintenance methods are as follows:
A) Preventive and Planned Maintenance: equipment and personnel for the maintenance of the work of the maintenance of adequate and appropriate manner.
B) due to failure care: providing hardware and maintenance personnel to return to their old operating conditions
C) Modified: Equipment and components are worn or loses the ability to work more safe and convenient maintenance,
D) Dynamic Maintenance: the hardware remote monitoring and continuous evaluation of information by computer maintenance,
E)Machinery and equipment used in very diverse quality and with different levels of reliability which lifts the entire system, and the individual elements are determined. Elevators are disabled for any reason, when they be repaired, adjusted, or must be replaced.
Factors that should be applied in order to increase the reliability of lift to the resort include:
1-Preventive maintenance
2-accurate and thorough maintenance
3-Problem creating a more reliable elements instead of 3-elements, using
4-The report required by the designer of the plant modifications
In fact, there is no difference between the lift by car. Compliance with its own brand of each lift of material by the use of spare parts. X brand Y to get a car brand you can not add a vehicle as part of the spare parts. His responsibility for establishing and işletendedir the elevator. For this reason, a healthy functioning piece of cheap sake of harmony önemlidir.Firmalar will not be compatible problem or issue that will bring etmemelidir.Bu prefer the use of parts is not as efficient.
Lift is very important in terms of security. People think of it I feel I got into the elevator without any results.
To protect LIFTS LIFT ACCIDENT COULD LEAD TO LOSS OF GOODS AND CAN HOLDERS OF THE FOLLOWING required to comply with the written instructions:
Cabinets closed elevators, elevator car door open while running,
Floors, the elevator doors open to any of the works,
Işitiliyorsa abnormal noise within the engine room or elevator shaft,
Water pipe burst or leak, or well within the bathing water has got into the hallway and stairs,
As well within the iron, or any piece of wood, cloth, if a substance, such as broken glass,
Elevator power should be discontinued and the company must be informed,
Elevator maintenance company run by the staff of correcting the problem should not be allowed under any circumstances.
Elevator installation company without notice and need not be removed any parts of the existing machine room, elevator shaft, both within and external doors of the cabin renovations, repairs, and painting jobs, such as whitewash yaptırmamalıdır.
Cab floor level 7/8 cm. 'When the company more than up or comes down must be informed.
Machine / Engine Cleanliness control,
Level control and cleaning of oil and bearing grease,
Engine enversörlerinin control and cleaning,
Cleaning the control table,
Engine brake adjustment control, and if necessary adjustment,
Doors, hinges, locks and plug contacts of the control,
Automatic doors, floor and cabin cleaning thresholds,
Revision control over the cabin key.
ALARM and STOP buttons, control cabin,
Cleaning the cabinet top platform,
Indicators, directional lights, hall fixtures, functionality and control all the light bulbs,
Structural steel ropes along the shaft control,
Cabin and counterweight yağdanlıklarının Checking the oil level and if necessary to accomplish them,
Cabin and counterweight yağdanlıklarının checking the oil level and if necessary, their setting,
If you need to stop and set the sensitivity setting on the floor,
Motor shaft space control,
Inside of the cabin emergency communications, lighting and emergency call system
Fire-fighting equipment in place and çalışırlığının control,
Operating Instructions for floors and interior trim control,
Safety Seal valve controls the hydraulic elevators,