Human elevators, residential 240 kg up to 1000 kg is used to move people and non-residential places (hotels, hospitals, shopping centers) 630 kg up to 1600 kg human and / or designed for the purpose of freight elevators. Be made up to a capacity of 3 to 21 people in a variable manner according to the height of the building's elevators nominal rates of 0.40 m / s to 2.5 m / s speeds may vary between.
Human lifts, buildings, traffic calculations and preliminary project planning phase of projects manufactured in accordance with the mixture, which is mounted parts. Be done with a capacity of up to 4 people 21 person lifts rates, according to the height of the building as a variable 0.63 m / s to 2.5 m / s comes up.
Fabrication and installation phase of the project planning phase until the end of all levels, controlled by expert teams, the end user is optimized.
Human lifts, mechanical or hydraulic motor can be driven.