Dumb Waiter Elevator


This type is usually lifts hotels, restaurants and villas kitchen floor edible food, plates, cups, trays used for transporting.
Service lifts in general the hotel, restaurant and villas, floors, kitchen, food eaten, plates, cups, trays used for transporting. only for the purpose of carrying loads, people can not get the sizes are designed. Think of as small-type hoists
Service lifts carrying capacity of 50 Kg to 250 Kg is different.
Type Dumb Waiter service lifts, usually guillotine type doors. Guillotine doors, provide great convenience to the user through a simple action, such as opening and closing, semi-automatic doors opened as they do not occupy the space. Hygienic stainless steel cabinet and doors are to be preferred for all the time.
Your request as appropriate to the elevator and elevator shaft;
- Hood Type or Manual type floor door options,
- Import or Domestic Machinery engine options,
- Single speed or two speed options,
- Simple control, the ability to post from floor to floor,
- Fully electronic, microprocessor-controlled control panel,
-Cabin, satin stainless steel coated with electrostatic powder coated or patterned wall features.
- Hygienic conditions should be considered service elevators stainless steel interior coatings, antibacterial base materials selected.