Patient Lifts


Patient hoists with electric drive, double speed (1 m / s), or infinitely variable speed adjustment (3.15 m / s up to) be.
Is driven hydraulically with a maximum speed 1 m / s. Considering the number of hospital beds, number of lifts, capacity, and speed is determined as a result of the traffic account. Lift the microprocessor control systems, simple control, one-way gather, collect and distribute accurate directions, and dual band (duplex) from the 6-group group-controlled systems are used up. Since the doors manually or automatically collected / center and a set of pop-up type or electrostatic painted / patterned stainless steel sheet can be covered.
Cabinets, laminate or stainless steel coated in accordance with TSE standards sizes are made and are equipped with impact zones. In this way, the cabinet and the cabinet inlet and outlets be given to the patient during shock losses are eliminated. The chamber floor is covered with an anti-bacterial PVC evsaflı material. Cabin lights, stretcher, and the intensity of the light will not bother the patient illumination and decorative are made in line with customer demand.
Precaution against blackouts, set light flux, anti-bacterial measures, such as stainless steel parts donamınlar added extra special elevators.