Hydraulic Elevators


Hydraulic lifts and non-traffic areas that can not be a suitable solution for machine room above. In general, apply to freight elevators. Aşılabilir.Kaldırma problems, hydraulic elevators with roof work in factories, power fluid, directly or indirectly affecting the compartment kaldırıcıya referring realized by means of a pump and an electrically driven elevator.
This lifts the car down directional movement gerçekleşmektedir.Hidrolik elevators, machine room with its own weight, in general, the first stop is at. Here is a oil boiler and the hydraulic machine (assembly), control panel and passes through the hydraulic fluid hoses.
In the elevator shaft; Cabin, if any, against the weight of the cylinder-piston system, suspension system and power driven elevators, buffers bulunmaktadır.Hidrolik cabin lift works on the basis that the pistons pump oil itmesiyle.
Pumped oil, hydraulic pipes pass through the cylinder machine in motion by fulfilling certain conditions. May be directly or indirectly attached to the cylinder cabinet. Required by the control cabin floor pushes the cylinder is moved.
Hydraulic elevators, usually, houses, villas and houses, renovated buildings, which, if desired, the introduction of additional load on the building statics (eg,